Welcome to Universal Faith

It’s the 21st century, but despite popular belief…
Catholicism isn’t dead

It’s not a thing of the past. Just like it was alive a hundred years ago, with all the incredible saints and miraculous stories–so it remains now, in the twenty-first century, and in your life!

It can sometimes be hard to spot in this society of temptation. The love of GOD is still here, even if you sin and feel like everything is falling apart. Life gets in the way and all you can see are your problems. You can’t always feel the love of Jesus, and if you can’t feel Him, usually you’re not looking for the Church, His Bride. With all the distractions, it’s hard to find her–but she’s here to bring us comfort when He seems so far away, because He is never far away from her!

Even in our generation of rebellion and growing atheism, many Catholics remain. We’re universal. We bring the Church to life through our own stories, and help set the world on fire using the faith we already have. Hidden in the bustling world where we live, Christ’s Body continues her tireless work spreading the Gospel and telling people about the beauty of His Sacrifice.

And yes, some of us are teenagers. Believe it or not, a teenager can think it’s “cool” to swim against the current. A teenager will still clutch a Rosary in times of doubt. We haven’t all been blinded by the modern world, and we’ve recognized that our job is to show everyone who Jesus Christ was–and what He did to save us.

These are our stories, an attempt to rekindle our generation.

Universal Faith is not only a blog. It hopes to be a movement encouraging teens in the 21st century to pursue their calls to sainthood and holiness, using our lives and those of the saints as worthy examples. Joining with other Catholics, we hope to reach more people and unite the Body of Christ under one cause.

We also want to provide confused teenagers with accurate portrayals of the Church and her traditions. We want to show them ways to live the faith that will enrich their lives and open up their hearts to the LORD. We want to teach puzzling bits of history well, and leave our brothers and sisters confident that they’re heading in the right direction.

This movement is especially important to Jesus, because He wants us all to be saints, but the secular world has drowned this goal out of the way. We cannot be afraid or indifferent to this call. We can, and must try to become saints to others.

Universal Faith is less about converting other people and focuses more on reconverting yourself, in and out. We’ll begin with an inner examination, and review the basics of our faith. We’ll focus on prayer and find the easiest way for each person to communicate with Jesus. If the bloggers can’t pray, they’ll have trouble encouraging other people to. Finally, we’ll encourage our readers to examine themselves and surround themselves with holiness. It’s really not that hard.

Universal Faith wants to teach you the benefits of being a saint, and inspire you to live and spread the faith worldwide. Don’t let go of this treasure. This is our responsibility and something we should carry with joy and love. Let’s become saints together.

Universal Faith is set to launch on Christmas Eve. Until then, there will be a few pre-launch blog posts explaining what our mission is.

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