YOUCAT Series 2 – What We Believe: Why We Are Able to Believe

What more could one say about the YOUCAT? I agree, it is really well written, it covers a lot, it is based on the Catechism and even references it.

I don’t want to change any of that in this series. What I intend to do here is what Pope Benedict XVI has asked of us – share on the Internet. This way it will become interactive, intelligible, alive!

So what a book can not do, we can do here; share, discuss, reflect, and learn to love our faith more and more.

I want to provide you with some great links that people have written on the topics as we go through them; some are blog posts, some web pages, others official Church documents. I want to leave you with lots to think about and I hope you will find out more about the topics and share this knowledge back with us.

So let’s begin with Section One: Why We Are Able to Believe.

Questions 1 to 2
Here we look at why we are here and what our purpose is.

Right from the get-go in the YOUCAT we get into some pretty in-depth topics: What does it mean to be human? Why are we here? How does God show His love for us?

Seriously, if you have been looking for more in your life, then a study of Catholicism is definitely for you!

Now you may have guessed that sometimes the answers to these tough questions are not so easy to hear, it means that to agree with Catholic doctrine and live your life accordingly can be hard work. Anything worthwhile though requires hard work, does it not?

As this post from says,

The problem with the way we think about our human nature and the Church’s teaching is that we somehow see the sacramental, dogmatic, and devotional life of the Church as being separate from the fulness of human reality. We think we can be sufficiently human without these things–in a secular world, independent of all the so-called “shackles” of Church dogma, “oppression,” “patriarchy,” and all the other bogey-man buzzwords that so get us moderns shaking in our boots. But the truth of the matter is that secular modern culture is a front-running candidate for the most inhuman of all structures, the most idiotically oppressive, patriarchal, and barbaric of all cultures to have ever existed! If cultures of the past forced man to think only about the hereafter and the things above, then our culture forces man to think only about the present and the things below. If ancient cultures robbed the masses of their livelihoods, then our present culture robs the masses of that one so-very-human quality we all seek: their very reason for living.

This reminds me too, of an article that I read a while back: ‘Pope to young people: Don’t be afraid to ask the big questions in life’;

“Man cannot live without this search for the truth about himself; truth that spurs us towards new horizons and to go beyond what that is merely material, not to escape from reality but to live a more authentic life, richer in meaning and hope,” he said.

So to take away from that, let’s not be afraid to ask the big questions, let’s face them head on together. Some questions I will leave you with to think about are below, and I’ve also added a few links to some great blog posts as well.

Reflection Questions
• What does the term ‘metaphysical’ mean?

• When Jesus said, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life’ (Jn 14:6), What did He mean?

Further Reading
Meaning of life – Why did God create us?


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  1. As a leader in parish level faith formation I can only say, this blog is on the right track.
    We have to expect more from ourselves and what God desires to do through each of us, young and all the Baptized. Baptism is the entry level job requirement task of being his disciple. Step 2 is are saying to God, here I am, I desire to live in you will, SEND ME!!

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