A Response to “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus”


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  1. This is a nice video. Answers all our questions that skeptics have to try and discredit it!

  2. Religion: ORIGIN Middle English (originally in the sense [life under monastic vows] ): from Old French, or from Latin religio(n-) ‘obligation, bond, reverence,’ perhaps based on Latin religare ‘to bind.’

    The point is that with strictly religion, we place so much emphasis on doing right that we forget about God’s grace and mercy. Good works are good – but we are sinful humans and in order to do ‘good’ works, we have to have Christ in us.
    The point is that we are not to be LEGALISTIC about CHRISTIANITY but love Christ with everything we have got no matter the cost.

    • That makes sense! :-) but in Catholicism our religion is BUILT ON Him, specifically His presence in the Mass and Blessed Sacrament, where we can see and touch Him, and that is the heartbeat of our religion… which is why the attacks are horribly repetitive… And that video where the guy only told 1/3 of The Bible just set everyone off. With all his good intentions he could have done his video more prudently so in promoting devotion to Christ he would not offend such a large group of people…

  3. I have said it before; and I will say it again: You CANNOT separate Christ from religion. It is like separating the body and the soul. And who are we that we think we know better then Christ how to worship Him? He set up a Church for us to reach everyone to be saved.

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