Hello, I am new to the team to  Universal Faith, Catholicism for teens. My patron saint is St.Justin Martyr, a father of the church and also one of its Doctors. In my own eyes, I am one of the more blessed people alive today, and have to thank God every chance I get for everything I have.

For one my parents are not divorced, far from it I have 9 siblings everyone one of whom are amazing.

Early on in life my faith was not at the forefront of my life, and not my main focus.  I was and still am, your average and quite ordinary person. At 13 I liked to hang out with friends, watch movies, play games, and hated anything that took my focus from each and every individual day. However the next year found me discover something that I will never till the end of my days let go of… My faith. Theology sparked my interest and I loved the fact that, even if it was complex, there was no question I would not be able to answer with the help of God and the Catholic church. My story however, like in any good book, has its own harsh turn of events.

Me and my family had our lives ripped from us, and it has never been the same since. We saw loss, death, and much more, our lives laying shattered around us.  Each of us had and still has our scars to bear from it. Some of us dealt with depression, me included, and in an effort to keep from getting hurt again, I left emotion behind for apathy. With the grace of God however, and in time, I have healed. Another thing to thank God for. Doors were shut to me and my family, but new ones opened in their place. We as a family never gave up, never gave in, and fought our way back. We rallied from shattered individuals into a working and functioning family once again. And because of what I have seen, what I have experienced, and how we all healed from it, I have been able to relate to others in situations of darkness along with times of joy. A gift to me, because God allows me to use it in my daily life. I find my self more and more helping people struggle through life’s harsher moments, and laughing with them when times are good. And through all of this, my faith became ever more entrenched in Christ and the Holy Catholic church. Suffering can indeed lead you to Christ.

My passion for my faith has lead me many places. I love to write, and when I do it is usually in the form of poetry involving some aspect of my faith. I love kids, and work in youth minisrty as a leader and co-youth minister. I also enjoy computers which is my chosen field, and one I am studying. I love being outdoors as well in among Gods creation. And again I must thank God, because I can see his work in ways I never thought I would.

I like to game on my computer and on other consoles, and have even established a gaming network for Catholics calledVigilGamers.  I have tried to create a place where Catholics of any age can go, online, to play games in fellow ship, away from the profanity and bad behavior some games tend to offer.

It offers a place where we can be free to play games, and still retain a moral atmosphere, and good fellow Catholics as brothers not only in the faith, but in virtual arms.

My favorite music is by artists like Red and Breaking Benjamin, and my sports are Airsoft/military combat simulation, and Martial arts, and in the winter having massive snowball fights in the backyard with my little brothers.

Christ suffered, and redeemed the world. I only pray that I might be worthy of helping in his work of salvation.

Might my eyes be blind Lord, so that I might see your truth,

Might I be deaf Lord, so that I might be able to hear your voice,

And might my life be of turmoil, so that I might find peace in you.

Keep it real, keep it fun, and keep Christ beside you while you do it.


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