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Beautiful for Jesus: Accept Who You Are

Jam 1:17 Every good endowment and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

This blog post by Sarah Anne Sumpolec is exactly what I was waiting for today. I have the same problem that the blogger, Sarah, does. Sometimes I just don’t post because I don’t have anything to say. But after reading her blog post, the Lord revealed to me my problem: I’m waiting for what can be considered a big thing by my standards, by human standards, to write about. I’m probably waiting for something groundbreaking that I could brag about. What we really need to realize is that it’s the little things that God really shapes us with. It’s the little things that we should be looking out for.

The little things are only little to us because we are greedy–for power, for pride, for something big. This is what blinds us from seeing the little blessings that God pours down on us daily like a gentle rain. We see people who have “more eventful” lives than us, and we think that ours aren’t interesting; we become so envious of the big blessings other people get that we are blinded to our own.

I can identify my own problem right now, so I’m going to confess it. I want to be a Catholic Christian speaker and have a big audience with messages to preach every day. I want to have that power to show people the Narrow Path, but when I don’t get a huge blessing every day I start thinking that I can’t lead people to the Narrow Path if I’m not already sure I’m on the way there.

Then, my Guardian Angel whacks me.

This is my greed. I think that to be able to tell the Truth to others, I need to feel closer to it than them. I need a huge miracle. I want to see a green chair turn red daily or something (I’ve never actually seen an object change colors, by the way.) When I come back down to earth and see what I do have, it humbles me. We all struggle with the sin of pride, right? I struggle with wanting to do something I can be proud of. This is, of course, me trying to glorify myself with what God gives me–which isn’t how it goes either.

Today the Lord revealed to me that He is disappointed: I don’t appreciate the little blessings He gives me daily. Even if it’s a seemingly boring and uneventful day, there’s always little blessings coming down on me. Waking up in the morning is the first blessing. Having something to eat is another blessing. Being literate is a blessing. These are all things I can see.

But then there’s the things I can’t see: The angels that protect me, keeping me balanced with every step I take. The joke my brother cracks that gets me laughing for hours on end. My parents doing everything possible to them in order for me to be happy. Reading old prayer journals and being reminded of how my life has changed in three months. The freedom to accept Jesus and the promise of great things to come. My whole life is like a hundred million blessings put together. I could blog about all of these things, if only I’d stop staring at the moon waiting for some kind of prophetic apparition!

Then there’s the things that I probably won’t see until I’m old. Blessings I will continue taking for granted until they’ve passed. There is so much I could write about if I’d accept my own life God gave me. If I’d only remember that He crafted it especially for me. I can’t want more than I have, because this is what I’m meant to live.

Not until I learn to be grateful for what God gives me, will I ever be able to teach about Him.

Count your blessings–and if you can’t see them now, make a mental note to remember them later. This life comes and goes. We’ll all leave a mark , but only if we are humble enough to be ourselves. A beautiful woman is humble and grateful for who she is.

Beautiful for Jesus is a devotional blog post series I host at my personal website, A Catholic Sheep.