Merry Christmas! [The Universal Faith Christmas Party]

Welcome, Guests! If you clicked Attending on the Universal Faith event, you likely found your way here through that! Please take the time to post your Christmas prayers, introduce yourself, and ask questions here; keep your comments friendly, because there should be no war among God’s children!

Have Writer’s Block? Here’s some questions to answer:

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

Have you ever experienced a miracle? Share your story!

Are you going through a hard time, or know someone else who is? Post all prayer requests here.

What do you hope to gain from your Universal Faith experience?

Any unusual family traditions?

You can answer these questions from the point of view of any denomination, so please contribute! This is your chance to give us suggestions for last-minute touch-ups to the website and the program, too; and if you’re interested in contributing, even as a non-Catholic guest blogger, let us know! It’s not too late!

  1. I’ll introduce myself first! My name’s Mariella Cecilia Catherine-Rose Hunt (I also go by my Confirmation name!) I was baptized as a Catholic in 2005, just after the death of Pope John Paul II. Since then I feel like he’s been almost a mentor to me. I admire him a lot.

    My favorite Christmas memory was the last Christmas that my Grandpa was alive. He bought me a huge pink wooden dollhouse I hope to pass onto my children someday. He passed away from cancer the year after, and we have missed him every Christmas since then.

    Our Christmas family tradition is that in our Nativity set we cover up Baby Jesus until midnight on Christmas Eve, when He is born!

    You can find me blogging here as well!

    Merry Christmas and blessings to everyone who I pray stumbles on here! It can’t be a party if there’s only one person!

  2. Hi, my name is Mary. This is the first Christmas party I’ve gone to this year, having a baby and all, and seeing that I live in Australia, I thought I’d explain what having Christmas “Down-Under” is like.

    So, unlike the northern-hemisphere, where it is freezing this time of year, it is summer here. We still have the Christmas tree, lights, decorations and all that and just like what you would serve at a Christmas in winter, such as pork roast, turkey and roast veggies are staples at Christmas here also. Often on the menu though are cold salads and meats, as well as prawns and oysters, whose sales go through the roof!

    Typically, we open the presents, then Christian families go to church (if they haven’t been to a midnight service), we usually have the main feast at lunch-time and then in the afternoon enjoy a game of backyard cricket, go to the beach or have a swim in the pool. That’s if your not too full or falling asleep after eating too much ;). Then who ever is still hungry at dinner-time just has the left-overs from lunch.

    So how’s it different in the northern-hemisphere?

  3. Hello, I’m Baird Scriven (sorry nom de plumes stick with me). I’m from England, and am from an Independent Methodist church background, but have done a lot of trans-denominational work.
    My favourite Christmas memory is probably the first time I helped put the presents out. We always put the presents under the tree at midnight as it turns over to the 25th. It always used to be a really close family event, but now one of my brothers has left home and the other often comes home too drunk to help. Still at least I have good memories of the closeness of the family at that time.
    Odd traditions, other than the one just mentioned. We always watch Muppet’s Christmas Carol and Miracle on 34th street (the one with Richard Attenborough) without fail every Christmas Eve. Obviously we go to church Christmas morning, but that isn’t too surprising.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  4. Merry Christmas all, my name is Deacon Kyle Sanders. I am a southern man that looks like a hobbit,, and will be a Catholic priest in 5 months and few days.

    My favorite Christmas memory is time spent with my grandmother, who is now passed. We would go as a family out to eat on Christmas Eve and also be the loudest most obnoxious people in the restaurant. Being around the Sanders family, one cannot but laugh. It is in our blood. It also hit home for me the great joy the Christmas brings. The Savior of the world has entered the flesh, the same flesh as Adam, and David, and Abraham, and you, and me. He entered it to redeem it, sanctify it, make it holy. No longer are we in darkness but have entered the wonderful light singing, “Glory to God in the Highest!” There is much to be joyful for, then.

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