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YOUCAT Series 17 – What We Believe: “I Believe in … the Forgiveness of Sins”

Questions 150 to 151
This section looks at why priests have the authority to forgive sin, and at the different ways in which our sins are forgiven.

Q. 150
See Your Sins are Forgiven.

Q. 151
See What is meant in the Apostles’ Creed by “the forgiveness of sins”:

The sin against the Holy Ghost which Christ warned us would not be forgiven in heaven or on earth is persistent impenitence, the sin of one who rejects conversion and dies in mortal sin. One guilty of this sin can never obtain forgiveness of God, because at the hour of death he continues to thrust God away from him.

Reflection Questions
• What is therapeutic deism?
See Coming Apart, and Back Together?
• Should chivalry only be a thing of the past?
See Courtship, Etiquette, and the Adolescent Male